Frequently asked questions

We try to answer all the questions you may have. If you would like to know more, contact us at any time at or on the contact page. Thank you!

Register in the panel

Who can join the panel?
What is the charge to join the panel?
How do I join the panel?
I do not know my zip code / zip code, how do I find it?
Can I create more accounts to earn more money?
Can other family members join the panel?
What kind of surveys will you invite me to?
Will I receive emails from third parties, like the DataDiggers partners?

Member status of the panel

Can I ask my friends to join the DataDiggers panel?
Can I delete my account?
How can I update my profile?
Does anyone else have access to the information in my account?

Completing surveys

How do I receive the invitations to the survey?
How do I fill out the online questionnaire?
How long does it take to complete a survey?
Where can I see what is the estimated duration of the questionnaire?
Is it mandatory to answer every questionnaire I receive?
How many questionnaires can I answer?
Does it cost anything to answer a questionnaire?
I just received a invitation to the survey and it's already closed, why?
Why can not I finish a certain study and redirect me prematurely to the last page of the study?
How can I receive more invitations?
Why did I receive more than 1 invitation to the same survey?
How do you use my answers?


How much money can I earn?
When will the money be sent to my account after answering the survey?
How can I claim the money I earned?
Where can I see my balance?
Why have not I won the money in a specific survey?

Privacy and privacy of personal data

What kind of personal information is collected about me and why?
What happens with the information I provide in the surveys?
Can I trust that fact that DataDiggers protects my personal data?

Password recovery

Password recovery

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