What is an online panel

Simply put, an online panel is a group of Internet users who agree to fill out online surveys and participate to various market research campaigns.

The topics of the online surveys are extremely various, from food consumption up to how often you access the internet on your mobile phone, for instance.

The survey invitations are sent to the email address collected at panel registration stage; the email includes a link to the web page where the online survey is hosted and the panel member is invited to answer the questions and share his or her opinion that way.

Filling out an online survey usually takes 10-15 minutes, however there are cases when the survey completion duration may take longer.
In any case, for each successfully completed survey the panel member wins money or electronic points. Each survey has an estimated filling out time: the higher the estimated survey completion time is the higher the amount of electronic points or money you win. When you reach a certain balance you have various ways to withdraw your earnings: PayPal, bank transfer into personal account, cash, online vouchers etc.

Your balance is shown in your panel’s personal account. There is no obligation to fill out every online survey you are invited to, although it’s in your advantage to do that, because that way you earn more rewards. You can cancel your panel account at any time.

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